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Habits are hard to break


Chesster, Legend of A6

Lel Wut

England, Friends, and Funny: PewDiePie is a Swedish man who married an Italian woman and is living in England working for an American company. He speaks occasional Japanese and has many friends of which none live in any of these countries. Mr. Worldwide This is what we call a funny meme

Elon Musk's new Mars Rocket just randomly exploded, oops!

You don't wanna get sonburn

That's a chubby bear

Now this is something our bosses should see

The Perfect Job Doesn’t Exist…

Go ahead and touch me-WHY U TOUCH ME?!

When Trumps gets all attention and you can build atomic rockets with no obstruction.

"F" to that man with a wheelchair. He had not chance

When everybody on this platform steals memes, so you do too


Disappointed Dino… waited for 15 minutes…

South Dakota launches anti meth PR campaign. (The state spend $450k to come up with this logo! No joke)

Break checking with a motorcycle

Dream catcher

Chills… literally chills

Can't argue with that!

Birthday, Crush, and Drugs: Pick a number? THE BASICS REDDIT SEX & SEXUALITY 1 Age 25. How many followers do you have 49. Are you a virgin 2. Gender 26. Favorite subreddit 50. Has anyone seen you naked 3. Height 27. Favorite redditor 51. Have you any tattoos /piercings 4. Weight 28. Amount of time you spend on reddit 52. Have you had a same-sex experience 5. Where are you from 29. How many people have you chatted with 53. Have you ever sent a nude 54. Have you ever sexted 6. Zodiac sign 30. Last person you DM’d/Chatted 55. Have you ever kissed anyone 7. First name 31. How many subreddits do you follow 56. Am I attractive 8. Birthday 32. Do you follow any NSFW subreddits LOOKS FAVORITE THINGS SEXUAL NSFW 33. Hair style 9. Favorite color 57. Bra dick size 10. Favorite food 34. Hair color 58. Pubic hair: natural, trimmed, shaved or none Favorite music genre 11. 35. Eye color 59. Do you have any body hair 12. Favorite song 60. Guys-only: are you circumcised 36. Body type /build 13. Favorite movie 37. Ethnicity 61. How often do you masturbate 14. Favorite tv show 38. Favorite outfit 62. Last time you masturbated 63. Have you ever watched porn 15. Favorite animal 39. What are you wearing 16. Favorite thing to do 40. Type of underwear you wear 64. Ideal sexual / physical attributes 65. Favorite sexual fantasty LIFE EXPERIENCE RELATIONSHIPS 66. Turns ons / Turn offs 17. Your hobbies/sports 41 Sexuality 67. Any kinks 18. Future job /ambitions 42. Relationship status 43. Who is your crush 19. Have you drank / smoked MISC. 20. Have you done drugs 44. Celebrity crush 68. Send a selfie 45. Have you ever cheated on someone 21. Do you have any pets 70. Send me a DM/Chat message 22. Best memory 46. Ideal girlfriend/ boyfriend Ask whatever you like (can’t say no) 71. 47. Idea of a perfect date 23. Most embarrassing moment 72. Ask me one 24. Dream vacation 48. Have you asked anyone out Stain likes blood

Deep inside Louise

Serious discussion thread (Oct 15 – 21)

This incredible whale breach

Women Drivers

Beat the machine


It's okay to be stupid

So anyone else here who's trying to use as little Chinese products as they can

Someone stole his bike while he was at the supermarket, but his classmates made a kitty and bought him a new one

Everyday struggle…


Im gonna walk like a boss today..

This flawless gymnastics routine

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