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Asians… 3 minutes

Seriously,every time!

Doggy style counts for double

Fire Engulfs Japan’s 600 Year Old Shuri Castle A World Heritage Site In Okinawa


Cruel world

Life, Memes, and Reddit: Me when I realise the reason none of my memes are upvotes like good ones is because I create my own formats. What da fuq is life.. Sadly it’s true…

You’ll get there. Just keep pushing forward!

Serious discussion (Aug 27 – Sep 2)

I’m about to have a conniption (25 photos)

These two cans

This scene of cows in nature drinking from a stream brings me peace of mind

Little Russian Girl Is A Big Boss

Guy Fieri: Fire Type

Bird’s more talented than me

Pet of the day!

It is though

I am speed

Pure truth

Flexing,, and Live: YouTube + – en-GB ifytd-s8(miller0lot=’search1.521,0csi) lexyldisablet-li4 nam44n yt442 enable_wta_kevlar_watchex="trtainer c40resh’utton, en able_live tent a (display: none limportant) orta-hyt-simple-elex: 1,flex:1;-weh-input’s thanks youtube

I'm also in desperate need for sauce

Winter has come to construction site

Artist creating an incredibly realistic drawing of an eye

The years of satellite images of Chernobyl before and after the big ‘boom’

The latest and greatest in automotive paint technology

Please people

Germany in a nutshell

Feels bar has opened. What is bothering you fellas?

3D printer without cpu.

Hard knock life

Valentines day in Finland

Quiz time for the activists

Can feel it


Found this gem today

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