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The GPU Slayer, credit by @lotsalote

Legendary madlad

Frem Red Coat to Red Hat

Deep inside Louise

Taking her daughter to a concert and they suddenly start dancing

This is what I call being smart

Babies first ice cream

When you have a slutty wife

Killer whale using a fish as bait to hunt birds

Straight up facts

Go Back Where Ya Came From

Doggy style counts for double

Automatic sprinkler test

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Shut up Karen.

I'm making an RPG ( Bloom: Memories ) What you think of the art style?

Offended AF by this

Ass, Children, and Crazy: It’s ok if you have your own beliefs and thinking process ,I respect how you stand behind your opinion be lying You’re still on google.? Lol. Girl you won’t be able to prove anyone wrong. This life just repeats itself. We have argued about this countless of times. This is just the energy (me) challenging myself to see how much I’ll put up with. I knowI can put up with a lot. This comment I am typing up may look crazy to y’all. But maybe am crazy. Like I said, DUALITY is NEEDED Replies Tw Like Bro I know you’re fuckin lying PLEASEEEE do your research You know that we have had the technology to build iPhones and all sorts of things, yearsssss ago. The elite intelligence knows pretty much everything and it’s up to them for whether or not they want to release certain information to us it’s okay. I wouldn’t NOT get my child vaccinated either, I just don’t agree with the programming. But I know in my heart that I’m not paranoid. And the definition of conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. So even in that statement,I am OO10 1w Like 1w Like Ni know you have your different views but I’m glad we are adults about this. ( a thanks man I’m sorry m enlightened. Clearly, none of you have experienced Ego death. So therefore, most of you are very close minded when it comes to this topic. Which is okay. There has to be a balance. Not everyone is subjected to believing in the same things. If Tw Like O011 1w Like There’s cures for cancer and 1w Like Tdont. I think your notions are dangerous to organized society can spread diseases, sicknesses, injuries, misinformation, and blatant stupidity. aids, but everyone who discovers it and wants to share it Okay wacko …have a nice day 17 not wrong. To think that everything the government does for us is "safe" is unwise. with the public, gets killed, and they cover it up by saying the person died of natural causes or they committed suicide 1w Like we all believed in the same You’re a moronic antivaxxer and 60 thing, everything would be perfect", and that just wouldn’t make any sense does acid ones stoppp 1w Like Population Control is very much real. You would see us all as numbers if you were in a government helping run things too. Or maybe you wouldn’t Maybe you would be one of the few good people in there with pure intentions. With great power comes great responsibility, and that is very true for the people in control. So…. anyone can act fake. We have all done it at least once in Imaooo girl jus your opinions have no scientific backing or anchor in reality and hope you never procreate or have children so you never get the chance to let your unvaccinated sperm bombs loose in the world. Aka my Doctor that passed a 1w Like year ago 0 1w Like 46 1w Like Once 1w Like 1w Like He had a cure for cancer, he said you could grow it in your back yard. He couldn’t say what it was though. Every time I visited him, he told me about how all these doctors don’t know wtf they are doing or talking about, and that he was up against Big Pharma Stopying to sound deep it’s not factual whatsoever. I base my beliefs on SCIENCE because it’s FACTUAL You’re just talking out of your ass because you think I started tripping when I was 14 That’s just very rude and judgmental. First off, I’m not an antivaxer, I never once said I wouldn’t have my child vaccinated. So sit down 1w Like I am 20 now o O0 you’re "enlightened" 1w Like Tw Like 0053 1w Like I’m going now. You can believe what you want Duality is needed. So go ahead. Good day to you all. He always sounded so stressed and like there was a lot more I stopped tripping because now if Ieven have a singular tab, I go too deep and become the energy our lives, so why couldn’t our government too.? I make valid points. I’m talking about beyond the information that is given to us. I was a master in ELA, especially with context clues. It’s like when you have a kid.. they could be a great kid, sure, but ANYTHING could fuck that up for them one day. No matter the reasoning. As goes for our people in control. Think about going on than what he vented to me about. And what he was Vaccines wnere first introduced when it’s still and there is no in 1796 just so you know saying out loud was scary as it wave length for me to see lifes was 0015 0 1w Like 1w Like 1w Like and then I have to go through that for a few thousand years till I remember what it’s like to be Next thing you know, they say he shot himself in the face Okay n we you decide to not vaccinate your child n they end up catching some rare & FULLY PREVENTABLE disease, I hope you think of me Tw Like separate from thyself cary Crge e wpctancy y y raen Lpy w ry Cy 1w Like When he literally had just gotten married a month before Esgnt ee pd To love D Tw Like HO36 OH037 1w Like 1w Like that Someone wanted him to shut the 1w Like OBO018 fuck up 6d Like I meditate 10 You’re still on google.? Lol. Girl you won’t be able to prove anyone wrong. This life just repeats itself. We have argued 1w Like Duality is the reason we all exist Positive and negative charges constantly at battle. The law of Energy. It cannot be created, nor destroyed -but it can be transferred into MATTER. Matter CLOSE And clearly he said no DO We are all humans here And I can go there just as easily 1w Like through that 6d Like about this countless of times 1w Like And now he’s gone Ds This is just the energy (me) challenging myself to see how much l’ll put up with. I knowI can put up witha lot. This comment I am typing up may look crazy to y’all. But maybe I am crazy. Like I said, DUALITY is NEEDED 1w Like s No one is perfect. But I’m not really going anywhere 10 is what.? Solids, liquids, and gasses. Therefore, we are energy. Same story with god but with scientific FACTS So no, I’m not with conspiracy. Im with common sense and I 1w Like don’t let myself be BRAINWASHED like you It’s all here 1w Like 20 1w Like 1w Like I sense that you’re a flat earther 00 24 Every dimension 1w Like & life expectancies have 1w Like Accidentally found this hyperintelligent being on a pro-vaxx post

This pattern from the faucet…

Now this is something our bosses should see

Tight dresses go hand in hand with the weekend (50 Photos)

Time for this one

Sense of holes

Have you ever felt you are driving in a dream….

About time

Riding the mighty centipede

I’d say the wedding videographer did a splendid job

One of the better costumes I've seen this year.

Break checking with a motorcycle

I’m about to have a conniption (25 photos)

Next level proposal

In light of Hannitys meltdown today.

The look says it all

How to introduce your little sibling

Farmers in South Africa are getting serious about security

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