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It's been an honour, being served

Break checking with a motorcycle

Depression treatment

The way this trampoline falls.

30 Merry Memes For Joyful Lads and Lasses

30 Merry Memes For Joyful Lads and Lasses 1

Getting the last out in dodgeball

Name this horror movie

How to Protect Your Coastlines 101: A FLIP Fluid Simulation

This dude is just a Democrat version of Trump

Burn in all levels of reality.

Who else dos this

The GPU Slayer, credit by @lotsalote

I see lot of protest, riot,floating and fire lately

Contrary to popular belief, millenials can still afford to buy homes

Bad@ss fight scenes are the reason why we love movies (21 GIFs)

Humblebrag of the century

Speaks for itself (from blursed_images)

Made me smile

Trump's literally just enforcing the existing laws to accomplish this btw…

This is a must for every shop

Rolling up some clay

Wholesome wedding

MMA Fighter insane armbar reversal! (Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennet)

All the Winning

Rare footage of a Canadian Cat being born

Bird’s more talented than me

I laughed more than I should have

Old Cartoons are lit

When soccer fans meet

Porkpetual motion

Cutting someone off while angry just to be a shitty person. what could go wrong.

Riding the mighty centipede

Animals, Horses, and Minecraft: OMOJANG Search Dashboards Projects Issues Log In Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) MCPE-25548 Name Tags disappearing off of animals I name Export Details People Bug Type: Status: RESOLVED Reporter: Affects Version/s: Resolution: Duplicate Kevin Wigginton > Fix Version/s: None Votes: Labels: None 2 Vote for this issue Confirmation Status: Unconfirmed Watchers: Platform: Windows 10 – PC 2 Start watching this issue Description Dates I have placed name tags on animals inside my base that I have placed in a barn like a horse and 4 sheep in survival. However, when I exit the game and get back on Created: sometimes ill find that the name tags have completely disappeared off of all of them. 28/Aug/17 4:44 AM Im not sure if this is tied to the overall loading issue that is affecting windows 10 Updated: edition since my world is about 272mb in size chunks tend to load in pretty slow and maybe this is a bug thats caused from that im not sure but basically name tags keep vanishing off of the animals I name, so far being sheep and one of my horses. 05/Sep/17 10:37 AM Resolved: 05/Sep/17 10:37 AM Activity Felix wasn’t lying to us!

These two cans

Click, Penis, and Gay: Gay Penis There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named Gay Penis. The estimates for one or both names are not absolute. There may be fewer people with this name, or none at all. Click here for more details. My guy

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