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Relationship goals

Gate eat woman alive.

Police escort required.

The look says it all

“Why are you geh?”

Do you see what i see?

Is it just me?

Big Brain

Something cool complete

Is this 2019 or 1920

Every politician should be required to do this

A high elf

Afghans keep the raisins fresh for 6 months in clay bins.

Sleep Mode

Ecuador riots

This game


Circus monkey becomes overwhelmingly ecstatic when seeing a friend after a year of separation (happy freakout)

There goes my paycheck (15 Photos)

They were probably rapping Ice Ice Baby

Transparent solar panel.

Yeah, it surely will not fit in th…

The struggle is real.

Maybe maybe

Winter has come to construction site

Better don't swallow chewing gum

Can feel it

This is a must for every shop

And Fanta?

This is the best cold opening of The Office ever. S7E6 – Stanley Wouldn’t Notice!

Dug myself into a hole with this one.

F**k them b*tches

Horny, Nsfw, and Pussy: Pick a number? MY BODY NSFW 24. Bra/dick size 25. Do you have any body hair 26. Pubic hair: natural, trimmed, shaved or none 27. Guys-only: are you circumcised SEXUAL NSFW 31. Have you ever watched porn 32. Have you ever watched gay porn 33. Type of porn you watch most often 34. What age did you start masturbating 35. How often do you masturbate 36. Last time you masturbated 37. Guys-only: Last time you were hard SEX & SEXUALITY 17. Are you a virgin 18. Has anyone seen you naked 19. Have you any tattoos/piercings 20. Have you had a same-sex experience 21. Have you ever sent a nude 22. Have you ever sexted 23. Have you ever kissed anyone EXTRA HORNY EDITION THE REDDIT R/TEENAGERS PICKA NUMBER GAME Post this version rn or ur a pussy

Poor guy

Now you can Rest in Peace – This is how you play MineSweeper

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