15+ Hilariously Wholesome Travis Kelce Tweets From Years Before His Relationship With Taylor Swift

I wholeheartedly believe that the best demographic ever to use Twitter dot com were athletes from 2007-2011. That was back before Twitter ate famous people alive for having slightly cringe or contrarian takes. That’s when nobody demanded celebrities make a statement on every political happening. Back in that golden age, everybody was tweeting about total nonsense, whether they were an NBA player, a sanitation worker, or a future President of the United States.

NFL player Travis Kelce is no exception to this rule. Today, his old tweets from 2009-2012 have recirculated online, and they range from prophetic to inane to extremely relatable. Most of them were tweeted during the time when he played college football for the Cincinnati Bearcats, where he could’ve never known he’d one day cinch two Super Bowl titles and date the most famous person who was also born in 1989. His old tweets are so hilarious, and they really must be read to be believed.