20+ Boomer Technology Fails For Coots Constantly Checking Facebook

It’s easy to dismiss elderly Facebook users as cringey or completely clueless. It’s not a complete falsehood that a lot of the members of the Baby Boomer and Greatest generations are not using technology in a wholly competent way, but some of them are better than others! When I was in high school, I was Facebook friends with one of my friend’s grandmothers. For a woman in her 80s, she was posting more than the average Zoomer. While most of her posts consisted of pretty hilarious political and religious graphics, she was also the one taking pictures at every event and recording every recital. Whenever I see one of her posts coming up on Facebook Memories, I know I’m in for a real blast from the past. It might be a blurry blast, but it’s a blast nonetheless. If you wish your entire feed was made up of hilarious boomer posts, you’ve come to the right place.