20+ Neurodivergent Memes for the Neurospicily Inclined

While many terrible things have happened in the past few years, one thing that has been somewhat promising is the rise in awareness of neurodivergence. Of course, this hasn’t been without controversy; many complain about this increased awareness of ADHD and autism as downplaying the very real negative impact they can have on peoples’ lives. 

Still, behind all the internet arguments are a growing cohort of individuals who are just relieved that they get an explanation for how they are. It’s not easy for everyone to navigate a neurotypical world, but at least there are a lot of memes out there that come from people who also know the pain. When the world is overwhelming and nobody else seems to understand, you always have funny internet pictures to fall back on. Below you can find just a small selection, but the sentiments that they share are definitely relatable to a significant minority.