25+ Darling Dog Memes for Canine Enthusiasts (March 28, 2024)

There’s an old truism that goes: “Dogs look like their owners.” In my experience of life, this 100% holds water. Maybe it’s selection bias- you pick out a dog that looks kind of like you because you’re implicitly drawn to it. But I think that it’s more nurture than nature. I think the bond between humans and dogs is so strong that when you live together, you can’t help but start to look like each other. 

I have blonde hair, and my dog is black and white, but there’s something in our eyes that connects us. We also can’t help but share mannerisms and attitudes. I think it’s because we’ve become family. Or maybe I’m just a crazy person and I’m the only one who thinks I look a little like my dog. Let me know about your experience of this phenomenon. Or just look at these dog memes and call it a day.