25+ History Memes for Those Who Learn From the Mistakes of the Past

Yeah, I’ll say it. I did well on the AP US History exam. I was a nerd in high school and proud to be it. What helped is that I had a fantastic teacher who made learning history fun. She made us all feel special as students, so we were inspired to learn. And heck, if US history isn’t interesting! 

You could (and people do) spend their life just studying the 20th century in the United States. The way that this country changed over that relatively short period of time… it’s truly astounding. The wars, the culture, the fascinating political figures, the literature. But lucky for those of you outside the States, this is not a purely US-based meme list. No, these memes educate and inspire us about history from all over the globe. And if you’re an unlucky soul currently enrolled in an AP class, use these to study up. I’m sure your teacher would approve.