28 Family Drama n’ Trauma Memes to Laugh About With Your Therapist

All the family holidays are right around the corner and anyone who has a little drama in their family tree knows what that means… It’s about to go down. Although our families may throw down like there’s no tomorrow, fortunately because of our blood ties, that also means there’s no escaping each other. So even if your drunk uncle seems to be sabotaging the turkey dinner, he’s really just showing you how much he cares for this special day. 

Perhaps with every family, there’s going to be a little spice and a few feathers ruffled the wrong way, but isn’t that was gathering in the kitchen is all about? So for those of us who are eager to have a glass of wine the moment we set foot into a family function, we at least can have comfort in knowing that we’ll always have some tea to spill with our therapist. Scroll onward for an awfully familiar selection of family drama memes that you can LOL about in your next therapy session.