30 Insanely Cringey Posts From Mommy Facebook Groups

Like many other towns across the country, my hometown had an infamous mommy Facebook group. The group was a running joke at my high school because the mothers involved just didn’t know how to behave themselves. They would constantly bicker with each other over everything and nothing at the same time. Popular topics of conversation were politics, religion, how evil doctors were, and their children’s behavioral problems. The number of women who would divulge their children’s medical history to a bunch of strangers was absolutely insane.

As a teenager, my least favorite part of the mom’s Facebook group was the snitches. People would post the license plates of teens who speeded and tried to find the culprit through the power of Facebook dot com. I know that teenage driving safety is an important issue. However, if snitching on teens for going 50 mph in a 45 mph zone is how you spend your precious moments on earth, I question your priorities.