30 Memes For At Least 30 People

Sometimes it blows my mind to see how many people are looking at memes I post on the internet at any given time. I see y’all, and I know you’re enjoying this selection of memes, tweets, and tumblr posts all curated for your liking. Even if you feel the urge to write and post a nasty comment, I’m still glad you’re here. Everybody needs hobbies, some of which help my articles get a little boost. 

If you ever feel like you’re alone reading these memes, you’re sorely mistaken. So many people love and read Memebase memes every day, and you can even help spread the love! Not to start a chain mail, but if you send these hilarious memes to your ten closest friends and challenge them to do the same, you may or may not be getting some money or love in the future. The choice is all yours.