30 Memes That Grapple With the Questions of Life

Since the dawn of time, human beings have asked: what is the meaning of all of this? We’ve pondered and proselytized until we’ve run out of ways to do so, and we’re not any closer to an obvious answer.

We’ve always had systems that lend some structure to everything, whether that be religion, philosophy, or even politics. However, it’s not like we’ve ever been able to get everybody to agree on one of those. There’s almost too much choice when it comes to what we want to believe in, and the culture only makes that more intense.

Take a look at memes, for example. They give us entertainment from every kind of viewpoint and situation. In the grand scheme of things, they only complicate our feelings on life, the universe, and everything. Still, they’re distracting enough that none of that really matters. If we can’t settle on anything else, we can at least enjoy humor.