32 Sizzling Hot Memes to Melt All Your Troubles Away

We have made the decision to start the week with a fun meme listicle in honor of the well-known Saint Patrick’s Day. What a fantastic way to cap off a wonderful weekend, really! But let’s face it—we are thrilled when we spend the weekend with some of our favorite people—regardless of the occasion.

But let’s get back to the subject at hand: in honor of this particular occasion, we have combed the internet extensively for some of the funniest memes available. Therefore, have a look at the memes below if, like us, you feel particularly festive, are craving some lighthearted comedy, and have some free time in between your busy schedule of events! And when you’re through with all the parades, festive meals, music, and dancing, don’t forget to peruse a selection of humorous memes to help you unwind this weekend!