33 Double Black Diamond Memes to Enjoy Over Après Ski

Out of all of the ridiculously expensive hobbies, wintery mountain sports are the most fun. Skiing and snowboarding are an excellent way to get some fresh mountain air, redden your face with the worst sunburn of your life, and break your collarbone without warning. While your knees have told you for years, screaming that they can’t take this anymore, you keep going back to the mountain, unable to resist the whimsical charms of a $300 lift ticket and wet boots. As we close out the 2023-2024 season, looking back on your rides in the slush, ice, and powder of the slopes, perhaps you never did that double backflip you wanted, but you enjoyed a mouthful of snow on a wipeout, narrowly avoided skiing off of a cliff, and beat your land speed record on that black diamond run. 

Life is good on the mountain. 

Regardless of your ski or snowboard skill level, we can all use an après ski refreshment at the end of each day on the slopes–as well as a fine selection of memes that warm your heart more than that ski lift Fireball shot.