33 Family Memes That Don’t Fall Far From the Tree (November 11, 2023)

Family members are good for a few things: cathartic (yet quickly resolvable) fights, unlimited free food, and a straight-up, no fluff, unsolicited opinion. Although we can always count on our family for things like unconditional love and support, it’s that merciless opinion that is the most valuable in today’s world. Nowadays, with everyone trying to say the right thing, or pushing to be overly unoffensive or friendly, it’s hard to get a straight answer on anything. When you ask your friends if they like your new haircut, they’ll probably say they love it. If you ask your siblings, they’re going to tell you to your face that you look like a total nincompoop. 

So here’s an homage to the hard truths in life that family members are willing to share with you– scroll onward for this week’s selection of memes that’ll feed a family of four.