35+ of the Freshest and Funniest Tweets of the Week (May 25, 2024)

Twitter is great for many a thing, but nuance is not one of them. That’s what books are for. The slim word count requirement and low barrier to entry make Twitter a wonderfully democratic place. Anyone can post, and anyone can thusly be taken seriously (or not seriously). It’s the people’s forum. It’s the town square, where everyone can share ideas with abandon. But the thing that gets lost, by virtue of its design, is layered, complex commentary. 

No, Twitter is for first-thought drafts, exclamations, and silly little things you need to get off your chest. Hence the term Twitter fingers. You don’t run to Twitter because you have a well-thought-out thesis, you run to Twitter because you have an explosive idea. It’s the wonderful thing about it and also the most frustrating. But luckily for you, these tweets keep it fun and light. Absolutely no nuance is needed here.