36 Gen X Memes for 80’s Kids Raised on Hose Water

What’s the most important thing we learned from Oregon Trail? Always pay the ferryman to cross the river, because you WILL lose a wheel and perish in the rapids. For Gen X, in life, that’s been our motto! With the wheels coming off the wagon of life, we’ve somehow made it through without ever getting dysentery or rattlesnake bites.

In fact, we’ve been training our bodies since day one to handle the barrage of the world, drinking hose water, eating candy cigarettes, and ‘borrowing’ dad’s car with our brothers when we were 8 years old to pop by the store and grab a 6-pack of Kool Aids. Life was simpler for Gen X back then. We were 80’s kids with dreams as big as our hair and nobody could stop us!

So if you’re feeling a twinge of nostalgia but you’re also a proud member of the largely forgotten generation, scroll onward to enjoy this week’s selection of Gen X memes guaranteed to stir up a rousing game of Red Rover.