37 Fumble-Free Super Bowl LVIII Memes for Fans Who Are Just Here for the Tea and the Halftime Show (2024)

Go sportsball! Although the lore of watching sports is intriguing, not everybody gets excited to watch one millionaire throw a ball to another millionaire, while we are sitting on the couch eating 7-layer dip and wondering why we still don’t have healthcare. But alas, at least when it comes to the Super Bowl, folks who don’t know a gosh darn thing about a first down have other niceties to look forward to with the big game. Top-tier commercials, good food, hot gossip, halftime shows, and this year, Taylor Swift relationship drama. 

For the non-sports fans out there, Super Bowl LVIII was a big day in television for every reason except the football. So if you’re still shaking off the hangover from the Travis Kelce vs. Taylor Swift signature cocktails that your bestie made, I’ve got the memes to cure you. Star-studded humor that’ll make Usher hop on roller skates and will make any reasonable adult athlete scream at an elderly coach on the sidelines (we’re looking at you Travis, that was crazy). 

So scroll onward to enjoy the finest selection of memes from Super Bowl LVIII in 2024!