45+ Memes To Fill Up On

It’s genuinely wild how much food I need to function varies weekly. I’ll have these weeks when I’m just ravenous, eating three square meals a day, including snakes and desserts, and I still go to bed at night wanting more. Right now, I’m having the opposite problem. I can eat one meal and not feel particularly compelled to pick up any more food unless I force myself to do so. I know that you’re supposed to “listen to your body,” but I don’t know if I should listen to my body if it’s saying either “feed me everything” or “you don’t have to feed me anything; I’m chill.” 

If there’s one thing I know about health and wellness, it’s that you can’t function well if you’re hungry all the time. That applies to hunger of the body and of other senses too. If you’re humor-starving right now, take a hearty helping of these funny memes