9/10 Dentists Recommend These Memes: 34 Toothtastic Memes to Floss Your Funny Bone

Did anyone else forget their annual tooth cleaning? It’s complimentary with my dental insurance, but it’s already November and I seem to have put this off for 11 months… Or more. It’s about time we all call up our dentist and make an appointment. 

The reason everyone puts off the dentist is because of the uncertainty. Even if you just book your free annual cleaning, they’ll certainly bring up a whole laundry list of mouth problems that are suddenly threatening your life. Sorry Doc, but my gums are bleeding because you’re stabbing them with a metal hook, not because I have advanced gingivitis. And perhaps your dentist doesn’t try to sell you thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic dental work, and if that’s the case, you better secure a meeting with them soon. Like your one stable, kind, single friend, the good ones are hard to find. Scroll onward to enjoy this selection of dentistry memes that 9/10 doctors recommend.