A Boom and Bust of Memes and More Memes

If there is one thing that we can truly depend on the world of memes for, it’s inconsistency. It’s that paradox that is right at the beating heart of it that keeps the whole thing going. Sometimes, we can’t move for all the random memes that are popping up all over the place. Other times, it seems like we’re in a conclusive drought of funny internet distractions. It’s not just the quantity that varies, either; there are so many different topics and formats that they can use to spoon feed us our easy entertainment. All we can do is ride the wave and take every single meme as it comes. Even if we skip over a few, there will be some more that come along eventually. Perhaps it means that we don’t value every meme as we should. Ultimately, though, we don’t have to. There are always more, even if they’re slow to arrive.