A Collection of Memes on a Collection of Themes

Somehow we’ve arrived back at another dastardly Monday again. Yep, we’re staring down a whole new week in which we have to do everything that we’re expected to do when another week arrives. Exhausting. I haven’t even had a coffee yet. For some reason, it never fails to feel overwhelming when we realize about the mundane, small-scale passage of time; perhaps because all these tiny segments eventually build up into one whole lifetime and what will we have to show for it? 

However, we’re not here to grapple with the existential questions. We’re here to make them seem easier, by just ignoring them altogether. You already know the way in which we do this. That’s right, we’re providing you with a selection of memes. They might not be giving us the answer to the meaning of life, but they will brighten up even the dreariest of Mondays. That’s one thing that we can promise.