A Decent Selection of Semi-Fresh Memes and Things

I was a bit of a whiner as a kid. I am outing myself. That said, my mother wasn’t the most engaging parent. She sat at the same chair every day, chainsmoking and drinking Lipton tea while filling out her logic problem books that she bought at the stationery store. While I was a very imaginative (morbid, even) child, there were times when not even my own brain could keep me entertained. And it wasn’t like I could turn on the TV. That wasn’t allowed. So I’d whine to my mother that I was bored. “If you’re bored then you’re boring,” she stated simply, without looking up at me. She said that all the time. And while I know it was a lazy way of getting me to leave her alone, the words stuck with me. Now that I am an adult, I rarely have time to get bored. Partially because I’m so busy with work, but also because I desperately don’t want to seem boring. So while I fill my hours with games and cooking, the odd extra minutes are devoted to memes like these. I may not be learning much by looking at them, but at least I’m not a dullard.