A Funky, Funny, and Strange Collection of Skeletons that Appear in Video Games

Our bones are a mysterious thing. We carry them around with us all our lives, yet most of us never see them. Being the only thing stopping us from being completely shapeless blobs of Jell-O, they’re also an essential part of our bodies. Neither of these things really add up to them being something funny, but that isn’t what the wider internet seems to think. There are plenty of memes out there that reference our bony bits, and they’re a surprisingly frequent reference point in popular culture, too. 

Nowhere seems to love a good skeleton more than the arena of video games. As a genre that tends to deal with a lot of creepy stuff and dead bodies, it’s no surprise that a lot of them have a few piles of bones lying around. This list covers a small selection of the most characterful ones, to show us that many of them are pretty cool. Not that we needed the reminder.