A Funny Bunch of Memes for a Funny Bunch of Bored People

It’s easy to dismiss memes as frivolous tools of fun and humor, but have you ever wondered how memes might be able to change the world? Well, humor me and imagine a reality where the most powerful political figures communicated exclusively through memes. You wake up to find a tweet from the president of the United States with a meme of a confused cat asking, “Wait, you mean there’s no wall?” The Prime Minister of the UK replies with a GIF of a man face-palming, captioned “Brexit negotiations be like.” The leaders of the world would hold a yearly summit where they only communicate through a series of Pepe the Frog memes. While sometimes American politics seems pretty close to this imaginary scenario, we’re more likely to be making fun of politicians’ memes than praising them. 

While this meme-loving utopia may seem ridiculous, it’s definitely closer than we think. As our politicians get younger and try harder to reach people, memes are a pretty logical tactic. Today, however, we’re not bringing any politics into our meme offerings. We’re just here to have fun.