A Motley Crew of 30+ Memes and Tweets

It’s almost always impressed me that the internet has a special place for pretty much everyone. It has the power to bring people together, and not just thanks to our most popular social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram.  Because of meetup sites and meetup apps, people are making real connections with individuals who have similar interests – people they almost certainly wouldn’t be acquainted with otherwise. See, it’s no easy feat to fight the crippling loneliness that hangs over many of our poor little heads, so we have to give credit to those people who put themselves out there.

Though it’s great that some individuals can get together IRL, one might wonder about people who are unable to leave their homes. But we’re happy to report that the internet makes space for them, too – providing important social interactions and support. A long, long time ago, when I still had a Yelp account, the site’s forums were a treasure trove of warmth and community. There was a vast number of people looking out for one other, helping their web-based friends through trials as serious as terminal cancer. I may not spend time on the website anymore, but I see similar situations all over Reddit, Instagram, and even Twitter. These close relationships are especially present in the meme world, where people collaborate with memes dedicated to their shared interests. In that spirit,  here are some memes are a great reflection of that diversity; a solid mix of silly, stupid, sassy, and altogether inappropriate. May they serve you well.