A Petri Dish of Social Media Posts

It has often been said that social media is a cesspool, and those who say that are absolutely right. Everybody’s hot takes and cold takes fester on one big petri dish of a website, whether it be Twitter or TikTok. All of these annoying opinions interact with each other in gnarly ways. I, for one, am skeptical about how much exposure we have to the uncensored opinions of strangers. I should not be able to read the rambling hot takes of a random, incredibly politically opinionated boy teenaged living in rural Nebraska. He should put all of his very clever thoughts into his diary instead of Reddit or 4chan. 

In some ways, we’ve created a monster with social media. In other ways, it has given us so much hilarious content in exchange for a little bit of irritating discourse. In all honesty, I think that is a perfectly fair trade.