A Rambling Skein of 30+ Memes

Is everything we do in this world meaningless? Ask a hundred different people and you would get a hundred different answers. It could be argued that meaning is wherever we make it, in which case memes are a guiding light. They contain whole narratives and views of the world crammed into one tiny square each. 

What these are varies wildly, so it’s fair to say that it can get confusing. No matter how strong we think we are in our beliefs, they are a drop in the ocean compared to what everyone else feels and thinks. Memes both remind us of that, and also show us that despite all the things that keep us apart, we’re often not so different. 

Just don’t expect the message to be coherent, because that’s not something that they are quite as capable of. This is OK: things don’t have to make complete sense for them to be entertaining.