A Shelf of Memes Past Their Expiration Date

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten something well past the expiration date. Most of us grow up thinking expiration dates are hard-and-fast rules– that if you dare consume something one day after the date on the label, sudden death is awaiting you. But you grow up and you realize these dates are more suggestions than commands. 

And it completely depends on the food at hand. We all know milk is quick to spoil. You can flirt with danger but you don’t want to cross the line into… spoiled. But I have a couple of boxes of mac and cheese that expired when we had a different President and I look forward to eating them. Adulthood is confusing this way. It’s all about trial and error. Just like finding the right meme. You might sniff a few and not like the way they smell, but open up a fresh pack, and you can’t wait to dive in.