A Slapdash Selection of Different Memes

It might be a hard thing for us all to believe, but there are people out there who don’t really like memes. Hell, there are even those who don’t really know how the whole deal works. People have probably been telling jokes for as long as human beings have existed, but not everybody is caught up with the whole ‘dumb pictures on the internet’ thing. 

It’s mind-blowing, I know. Not everybody knows about or even enjoys wasting their time with all these little pieces of nonsense, despite the fact that the however many people who read this have probably made memes an essential part of their daily routines. We all know that they have no idea about all the good stuff they’re missing out on, though. While the memes we consume might not always (or ever) be that high-minded or intelligent, they hit that boredom busting sweet spot that we just can’t get enough of.