A Slice of Memes for a Silly Sunday

It’s time to all give ourselves a pat on the back because we’ve all achieved something today—we’ve got to the end of yet another week. You might feel that this is a kind of participation trophy reason to celebrate yourself, but hey, sometimes we need those. Weeks are not always easy to finish, you know, and once they’re done we have to face the prospect of another one being just around the corner.

This could be a lot to take in, so what better to ease the process than a teeny tiny meme break? Humor isn’t always the appropriate reaction, but in this case it can definitely be justified. Sunday is the day of rest, and memes are more than willing to aid in that relaxation. You just have to be willing to spare a small amount of time for the magic to happen. Judging by the fact you’re here, you’ve already achieved that.