A Slick Selection Of Different Memes

Once the preserve of nerds and weirdos, it’s amazing how mainstream memes have become in the past decade alone. No longer something lonely men use to own each other on forums, now you can even count on you’re grandma sending you the odd crying laughing emoji-ridden image macro. The meme has become a legitimate cultural artefact, which is kind of funny when you think about how inconsequential most of them are. Those of us who spend most of our time on the internet scroll over dozens, and sometimes even hundreds, of memes per day, but the amount that we actually remember is minimal. As any seasoned meme consumer knows, however, quantity triumphs over quality almost every time. We’re here to numb our brains, not make ourselves think. That’s why a random meme list is the perfect distraction; it barely even requires our full attention. It just glides over our brainwaves without even registering on them properly.