A Slinky Selection of Memes

There is probably a meme out there these days for every kind of situation and occasion. I would know, I spend enough time trying to seek them out. While this does mean that we have an almost endless supply of entertainment, it can get overwhelming at times. This is why it’s good to break up the endless sea of memes into bitesize chunks, so we don’t blow our tiny minds. As a result, we have many, many examples of this kind of list, and they’re all filled to the brim with memes, but just enough to satisfy us without becoming completely exhausted. Here we simply have another one to add to the collection, and we have to say it fits in nicely. It’s a random assortment of amusing images, alright. The themes are multiple, but not too many that we can’t cope. There is just enough to help us lose track for a minute.