A Spaceship Filled With 30 Silly Memes That Showcase the Best of the Human Race

Rise and shine everybody, it is another glorious week on our lovely earth.

Do you ever get so caught up in your routine that you sometimes stop to think – I wish something really interesting and dramatic would happen right now?  Similarly to those scenarios you orchestrate in your head right before you go to sleep, only much more chaotic. For example – How do you think the human race would react if an actual alien invasion occurred? Or a zombie apocalypse? We certainly don’t wish these would happen, but we are extremely curious to know what life would look like in these dramatic events.

If aliens were to land here on Earth tomorrow, we imagine the best way to ensure peace would be to explain humor to them, and even try to find a way to get them to laugh. And what better way to do that than to collect a selection of memes that best showcase human humor?

Scroll down to enjoy this selection of funny memes we collected. After that, click here for a dramatic story of a kid who found out what his divorcing parents really think of him.