A Standard Selection of 31 Memes

In this society full of instant dopamine hits, many of us have been trained to expect novelty at every twist and turn. We want things that give us our allotted dose of gratification to be fresh and unexpected, or at least we tend to think that way.

However, there’s something to be said for a sense of familiarity. We rewatch old shows for comfort, after all, and revisit our favorite songs time and again. Internet things are a bit different, because we expect it to be constantly changing; still, though, many new memes contain whispers of old classics, and the way we present them doesn’t always change.

This is certainly true of the whole random list of memes format. It does what it claims to, and doesn’t hope to do any more or less. The bonus is that we also get the excitement of never quite knowing what memes it will involve. It’s the best of both worlds.