A Sticky Situation of Various Memes

OK, we get it now. You like to look at memes, and lots of ’em, as many times per day as possible. Out of all the addictions you could have, it’s not the worst. If you’re nursing any others alongside this time-wasting hobby, my condolences. The point is, you have become accustomed to spending at least part of your day staring at silly pictures on the internet, and passing judgment over whether they meet your standards of humor. There are all manner of ways in which you could choose to do this, but you’ve chosen to grace this list with your prescence as a part of your daily meme viewing journey. We’ve got to be grateful, even if you don’t find these up to your standards. The world of memes is a fickle one, so it’s not going to bring the goods every time. It’s all part of the fun.