A Stimulating Selection of Memes and More Memes

Memes are one of the few things we interact with on a daily basis that never get boring. They might have a tendency to repeat themselves now and again, but they tickle the right areas of our brain with just enough intensity that we keep coming back. More than that, we crave our daily dose of memes. We’ve got to have something to dull the pain of existence that is free, and doesn’t do too much physical damage. 

Memes fill that gap, even though it’s a heavy burden to bear. We’re all just going through a lot, OK? The meme creators of the world understand that, and do their best to give us something that will lighten the load. It may be humble, but its impact is beyond compare. We rely on memes to entertain ourselves, just like they rely on us to give them an audience. An unbreakable relationship, if ever there was one.