A Stupendous Arrangement Of Many Different Memes

Considering the amount of time that we have all collectively spent with them, we owe a lot to memes. If we’re sad, all we have to do is consult a few of these dumb, funny pictures to cheer ourselves up, and when we’re feeling a little manic, they provide the goofball humor that keeps the good times coming. Most importantly of all, they are guaranteed to bring us out of a disinterested funk when we feel bored. 

The ways in which all the frivolities of the internet are able to have an effect on our mood is truly amazing, and it’s not something that we should take for granted. Yes, it’s probably true that we would all be more stable and well-adjusted if we didn’t have all the world’s most deranged thoughts packaged up and presented to us online. At the same time, though, it would make our lives a lot more boring. Ultimately, it’s a trade off that we have to accept.