A Sweet Selection of Stupid and Funny Memes

Happy Friday, friends and enemies. If you have been feeling anything like I am, then life must be feeling a whole lot like groundhog day. As I’ve sworn off many of my vices since the pandemic’s start, every day just seems…the same. Even our beloved Fridays. Welcoming chaos into my life, whether in the form of alcohol, drugs, or dating, seems to have had a purpose: staving off boredom. As I struggle with the sameness of existence, and another shitty day at my shitty job, I must take comfort in the existence of memes. Even when everything in the world feels dull or maybe demoralizing, we’re pretty much bound to see a new meme or two every day. And that’s kind of beautiful. There were quite a few in this gallery that I had never seen before – some are wholesome, but most of them are just hauntingly relatable, or use some of our favorite media to make a quick joke. So without further ado, we present….memes.