An Entire Publix Aisle of 40 Florida Man Memes to Loot Before the Hurricane

Florida is America’s self proclaimed ‘Sunshine State’, but with their many hours of sunshine, they just have more time to do weird stuff. It’s not unusual to see two shirtless men in a Publix parking lot wrestling over a tin of Grizzlies, while a crocodile flops out of the trunk of a Hyundai Sonata wearing a Buccaneers t-shirt. Strange things go on down there in the gator state, but the weirdest and most commonly feared item on the menu at Publix are the hurricanes. As we enter hurricane season again for 2023, Floridians are poised and ready to not give a single flying worry to the incoming storms. In fact, the only thing Floridians are more excited about than Ron DeSantis are the impend storm warnings and hurricane sirens– the Catergory 5 cyclones bring a little spice to an already spicy neighborhood. So if you’re from Florida or simply like to hunker down with some good ol’ fashioned Florida man fun, scroll onward and loot this priceless collection of Florida memes to suit your wildest Florida dreams– just in time for the power to go out!