Bone-afied Buffoonery: 30+ Skeleton Memes for Skeletal Humanoids Who Barely Survived the Week

Even though it’s a short week, we’re all feeling a bit run down. You could say that Labor Day really took the wind out of our sails, but for some of us, it really took everything out of us– everything but the bare bones.The skeleton crew at work just meant that we had a few people on vacation or calling out sick on account of their post-Burning Man blues, but that left the rest of us with one foot in the grave. Trying to get through the work week never felt spookier, but we’ve got the good humor and caffeine in our system to survive anyways!

So get your old bag o’ bones through the end of this week with this ghoulish selection of graveyard memes that will boost your lackluster energy this week. Show us those pearly teeth and vacant eye holes and let the skeletons speak your truth– because we may be dead inside, but we still know how to have a good laugh at a silly skeleton meme.