Dank 'Elder Scrolls' Memes for Dragonborn Gamers

There hasn’t been a new Elder Scrolls game since Skyrim was first released in 2011, which has forced fans to keep the game interesting by coming up with their own wacky mods and side quests. Just recently, one madlad called u/Morlino on Reddit posted some gameplay footage to r/Skyrim in which the player shows off their collection of every single Dragon Priest mask in Skyrim. According to the redditor, the undertaking took 92 hours to complete because they never once used fast travel. Anyone who has experience playing Skyrim will understand that that’s a lot of ground to cover. There are countless other videos of players doing everything from chucking children off mountains, to sharing beers with cats on top of mountains. If there’s anything these videos tell us, it’s that the fans are itching for Elder Scrolls VI, which still has yet to be announced, unfortunately. Until then we’ll just keep modding Skyrim into oblivion and enjoying the occasional collection of dank Elder Scrolls memes.