Dude Uses AI to Give Every United States President a Mullet

The mullet is a polarizing hairdo. While it once represented a simpler, kinda trashier time here in the United States (Think Joe Dirt), the mullet’s demographic has definitely shifted. The “business in the front, party in the back” look has become a favorite of both millennials and zoomers. There are plenty of jokes being made about liberals with multi-colored mullets, ranting and raving about their “woke” opinions and causes. But those are stupid. Mullets are a style choice that can accentuate one’s facial structure – and they’re a funny look back at the trends our parents (and in some cases, grandparents) subscribed to. 

Recently, Twitter user @hamcarless decided to riff on the mullet’s popularity in a very entertaining way – by starting a Twitter thread of every United States President – sporting a mullet. The mulleted images, thanks to their AI origin, are sometimes funny, other times horrifying, and definitely show some of the limitations of AI-generated art. But mostly they’re funny, and we’re here to share some of ’em with you. For more presidential mullets, head to the thread and give @hamcarless a follow. They deserve it.