Fresh Tweets From the Bird App, the Queen is Dead Edition (September 12, 2022)

Queen Elizabeth II lived a long life. There’s no denying that a ninety-six-year existence is impressive. A lot can be accomplished and experienced in that amount of time: marriage, parenthood, wars, imperialism, etc. But a ninety-six-year life also leads to a different sort of prolificness – the ability to be trending on Twitter for a week straight. 

Mentions of the deceased matriarch have been going strong since the news of her demise, and while not all of the memes, jokes, and tweets are tasteful, it’s impressive that people can keep the material going as long as they have. Some people are joking about the Irish response to her death (not exactly mournful), others point out the UK’s questionable political legacy, and others poke fun at Charles’ new job at the young age of seventy-three. These tweets may not be for the faint of heart (or those who held the Queen close to their hearts) but we’re enjoying the banter.