Fresh Tweets Plucked From the Bird App (September 16, 2022)

It’s been another busy week on our dying planet Earth. And we’ve been watching the madness unfold on Twitter. There have been loads of posts, both tasteful and tasteless about September 11th. We’re still grappling with the hubbub that has followed the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and those tweets probably won’t be stopping until well after her Monday funeral. But more enjoyable than users reporting about current events are the fun tweets that poke fun at the current events,  and the tweets that are completely unrelated – an enjoyable respite from politics that we can’t seem to be able to avoid. 

These tweets and Twitter-based memes may not be the top tweets of all time, but they’re the best ones we caught this week. As always, it’s a pleasure to keep providing you with the best tidbits from the site so you don’t have to actually go on the hellish site. Some might even call it our duty.