Fresh Tweets We Recently Snatched From Twitter (November 21, 2022)

Greetings, friends. There’s no denying it. As I’m sure my fellow users of the world wide web can attest to, hell is upon us. No, we’re not talking about Donald Trump being allowed on Twitter. We’re talking about the madness of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Say what you will about Covid-19, but I was perfectly happy to sit at home, with friends, enjoying a big meal, maybe a bigger amount of wine, and some happy conversation. The years of Friendsgiving were marvelous. No overly concerned grannies asking when I’m gonna be popping out a baby, nobody getting into political arguments. I can smoke my weed in peace. This year, however, the family has decided that Covid-19 is no longer an obstacle where getting together for some dry turkey is concerned. And it hurts. 

Thankfully for myself and other prisoners of familial obligations, Twitter is still somehow alive and kicking. This means we’ll be able to occupy ourselves, if not with the actual app (that’s its own kind of hell, too), with carefully curated tweets like these.