Funniest Memes About Shakira's Tax Fraud Scandal

Many Millennials and Gen Zers get most of their news from social media. The convenient and accessible service of Twitter News provides young people with brief recaps of the current events of the day, all catered to their specific interests. No category of news thrives more on social media than celebrity news. In essence, all of the gross tabloids of the 2000s and their trashy headlines have been replaced by cruel memes and jokes at different famous people’s expense. 

All of this considered, it’s no surprise that singer Shakira has gotten the meme treatment after news of her tax evasion scandal broke. The Spanish government accused Shakira of owing $15 million in unpaid taxes from 2012-2014. She could face up to eight years of jail time for this crime. Many of her fans stood up for her through Twitter memes, hilariously hypothesizing how they would break her out of jail.