Funny Tweets From the Tweeters of Twitter

Happy November, y’all. October was kind of a month. I’m sure a lot of stuff happened, but it’s already a blur. Kanye West was Kanye West-ing, Elon Musk brought a damn sink into Twitter HQ, and Halloween happened for what felt like a week straight. Those events are enough on their own, but we’re definitely missing a lot. One thing we’re not forgetting is the wealth of hilarious, weird, and relatable tweets shot into the world by people who probably spend way too much time on the internet. In fact, it seemed like they were working overtime. My theory? That as things get a little colder, and we all get a little cozier (slash seasonally depressed), we all feel the urge to post more. Whether or not they’re good tweets is a different story. This here selection of tweets from October falls into the “good tweet” category, in our minds. Maybe you’ll think so, too.