History Memes That Use the Old Days as a Punchline

When I was a sullen teenager with a vintage clothing addiction and an ever-growing record collection, I would often find myself thinking “I wasn’t made for these times.” I likened myself to an old soul – world-weary and wise, with a timeless charm and worldly intellect. While some of this is probably thanks to living in New York City, a cultural mecca of sorts, I was also just…dumb. What times did I really think I was made for? The Great Depression? Did I think I would be better suited to the dreariness and bubonic destruction of the Middle Ages? Or was I more of a shoo-in for the Oregon Trail? 

The truth is that I would have suited none of these eras. I needed the Internet, and sometimes it feels like the Internet might even need me. Though I have accepted this fact, I am still fascinated by the days of yore. I just enjoy them via the web’s great wealth of history memes, instead of my teenage fantasy. It’s a little healthier, and a hell of a lot funnier. See for yourself.