Humorous & Wholesome Posts From Old People on Social Media

It feels like Gen Z was born with their own social media logins and a smartphone in their tiny hands. For the boomers and post-war generations, things have been a bit more difficult. While some geriatrics outright reject modernity in favor of tradition, there are grandparents who embrace technology, both as a means of keeping in touch with their beloved families and complaining about, well, everything. Especially social media itself. And while people are free to use social media however they like, sometimes they can be pretty confused about how it works. 

It’s pretty easy to find old-timer posts in the wilds of Facebook, but if you’re looking to enjoy them in one place, we recommend r/oldpeoplefacebook. It’s a treasure trove of boomer blunders, wholesome caps-lock usage, and weird medical admissions. We’ve put together some gems, but there are many more where they came from. And fortunately, none of them are too political.