Memes and Things With Wizarding Themes

The world has no shortage of wizard-related media. People seem to be utterly fascinated with the magical world, and we’ve seen people become obsessed with the concept of wizards in everything from Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, to intricate role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. 

Growing up, wizards mostly seemed to be kind old men with long beards who wished to impart their vast knowledge of the magical (and regular) world. As I grew older and dove into books by the likes of Terry Pratchett, I realized the characters are often designed to show people that wielding too much magic (read: power) can be devastatingly dangerous. They can represent a sort of moral dilemma. 

Mostly, we just think anybody who wears a robe and is able to cast spells is cool as hell. To celebrate our love for all things wizardly, we’ve put together a small selection of stupid and silly wizard-related content. We may not be able to work with actual magic, but providing people with humorous procrastination-fuel feels pretty close.