Memes Invade the Internet in Reaction to ‘Alien Bodies’ Reveal at Mexican Congressional Hearing

Wake up—new alien just dropped. Two alleged “non-human” humanoid alien corpses were literally unboxed at a congressional hearing in Mexico on Wednesday. Journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan gave details under oath about the supposed evidence, claiming that the beings did not belong to “our terrestrial evolution.” This is the latest news in extraterrestrial revelations since a former US intelligence agent testified about similar findings in July. Twitter is buzzing with excitement over the new alien soft launch, but no one is really that shocked or freaked out. Maybe everyone assumes it’s a hoax, or maybe we’re all just so jaded that nothing surprises us anymore.

People have been comparing the alien corpses to E.T., the tiny Arquillian dude from Men in Black, and basically every cartoonish alien that’s ever appeared in a movie. That’s because they look fake AF, but who am I to judge? I’m no scientist. I do know memes though, and this latest viral news frenzy has spawned a whole invasion of memes and cheeky reactions. We’ve abducted some of our favorites so far.